Sun 14th Feb – Harrogate and Rudding Park

Sun 14 Feb – Harrogate and Rudding Park

After a late morning (Nicci playing the PS3!! Not me) we made our way up to Harrogate.  I forgot to stop off in Timble though so we’ll do this another time.  After a few shops and a lovely lunch in a quiant little cafe (Catwalk Cafe?) we had a small debate over the length of time Nicci was shopping and then made our way to our Hotel, Rudding Park.

Wow, this place is good, our room was lovely. However, we soon made it a shit-tip.  Luckily when we returned from a bloody smashing meal at the hotel restaurant they had been in and remade our room.

The next morning we had breakfast in the conservatory which is absolutely very nice.  I took this photo on my camera phone and when we got back to our room I thought I’d left it on the table, so I rushed back to the dining area and couldn’t see it.  After ten minutes of panicking I went to reception and said I will have to call the police.  Just at this point Nicci rang reception to tell them she had found it in our room.  What a plonker!


Rudding Park Hotel click

Clocktower Restaurant click

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