Langden and Hareden circular, Trough of Bowland

Route info
Distance 6.3 miles
Time 3.5 hrs
Low Point 160m (approx)
High Point 410m (approx)
Height gain 250m (approx)
Terrain Access land, farms and road
Bogs Dry today, but can be very boggy in winter
Dogs No dogs with us but other walkers had dogs with them
Cow count 0
Enjoyment rating (5 = best) ★★★★

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but you should always let someone know where you are going and what time you should be home. If using a GPS device, take a map and compass. Remember that mobiles don’t always have a signal. Click here for more safety information.

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Health stats Approx
Steps taken 12-13000
*Calories burned – 10 st – 140 lbs 616 cals
*Calories burned – 18 st – 252 lbs 1108 cals

*Calories burned uses this calculator and is worked out as though we are walking ‘level’.  If inclines were added it should be higher.



Approximate map

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Route description

I had not been walking for a few weeks so thoroughly enjoyed today’s walk.  It was sunny and hot but also very hazy.  Unfortunately my camera battery had died so please excuse the poor quality mobile pics.

We parked up at Langden, which is popular parking spot along the Trough of Bowland.  After following Langden Brook for a couple of miles we crossed the stream at Langden Castle, which is not a castle at all. I have read some historic documents that refer to the building being used to hold prisoners in transport from Lancaster to Whalley.  Perhaps holding the Pendle Witches en route to their demise? A link to the historic poem can be found here.

After crossing the stream we made our way along Bleadale Water.  After about a mile there is a path on the left leading up to Hareden Fell, it is quite steep and eventually dwindles away, leaving just a line of Grouse Butts to follow. We managed to stray of course a little but eventually managed to find the shooter’s track on top of Hareden Fell.  We stopped for lunch in the shooter’s lodge and made our way down Hareden Fell along the track.

The track leads back to Hareden Farm, where shortly after there is a path to the left, following Langden Brook back up to the parking spot.  We pass Smelt Mill Mountain Rescue Centre about half way along this path.

On this route

Langden Brook, Mouse Hill, Langden Castle, Langden Castle (ruin), Sykes Fell, Bleadale Water, Hareden Fell, Hareden Brook, Fog Hill, Hareden Farm, Hareden Nab.