Wolfhole Crag & Whitendale Hanging Stones – 11 mile circular walk – June 2013

Tarnbrook WyreI have tried to reach Whitendale Hanging Stones a couple of times but have been beaten by bad weather. Today we reached the stones, which are marked as the centre of the U.K. Along the way we went by Wolfhole Crag, which at 527 metres above sea level, is one of Bowland’s higher fells.

Starting off at Tarnbrook we picked up a very good shooter’s track and the going was easy, but once you get to the waterfall at Tarnbrook Fell the ground gets very boggy in places. Good boots are a must!

Whitendale Hanging Stones is marked as one of the candidates for the centre of the U.K. This has always been of interest to me and it was good to have finally made it.

The weather was pretty poor today and we did not see a single person throughout the six hours we were walking, so make sure you are well prepared if trying this walk. Also, bear in mind there is some walking without any paths.

Walk Details

Grade Medium/Challenging
Distance 11 miles
Time 6 hrs
Low Point Around 150 metres
High Point 527 metres
Terrain Road, Shooting tracks, access land, farms.
Bogs Yes
Dogs Not suitable



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Wolfhole Crag wiki
Whitendale Hanging Stones wiki


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Along this route

Ouzel Bridge, Tarnbrook, Higher Syke, Moss End, Pea Carr Barn, Tarnbrook Fell, Gables Clough, Tarnbrook Wyre, Brown Syke, Wolfhole Crag, White Crag, Burn Fell, Sapling Crag, Whitendale Hanging Stones, Brennand Round Hill, Cabin Hill, Millers House, White Moor Clough, Deer Clough, Gilberton.
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