Waddington Fell


**Warning – contains a route across private farm**
It started off great today, brilliant visibility, decent weather and we were exploring somewhere we’d not been before… All good. Until about half way round when we realised someone had lost the map. This meant we had to use our judgement – which is always a bit risky. There’s not too many tracks around and we ended up having a horrible time sludging through boggy land which we probably shouldn’t have been on.

I thought eventually we’d found a proper track but it turned out to be spare land between two farms, and it was full of barbed wire, rocks and old fence posts. So I had to carry our dog.

Whilst negotiating this ‘track’ a very interested farm dog started following us along the wall. Eventually she jumped over the wall and joined us. I took her back to the farm and thought I could apologise for crossing their land and return their dog. This was a great plan, only it wasn’t their dog.

I couldn’t just abandon her so my plan was to take her to the Police station in Clitheroe. But about 10 mins later a farmer drove by and claimed her, he didn’t look too impressed at first, maybe thought we were trying to have her away, but when I explained things he ended up seeming grateful. All’s well that ends well and this made our outing a little more memorable.

Walk Details

Grade Easy
Distance 3.5 mile
Time 2 hrs
Low Point 225 metres
High Point 391 metres
Terrain Road and Farms/Fields
Bogs Boggy in places
Dogs Our route today was not good for dogs. Sensible walkers who plan properly and don’t lose their maps should be ok


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PDF Ordinance Survey map

Download map here.


Newton in Bowland
Parkers Arms

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Newton Fells, Waddington Fell, Cob Castle, New-O-Nook, Moorcock Inn, Bradford Fell.
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