Victoria Cave, Settle

Low cloud lifted revealing views of Settle

Low cloud lifted revealing views of Settle

I had arranged a walk with a mate today and even though the weather report was bad, we were still determined to be out because our wives were having their ‘Christmas catch up’, so being out in the rain was definitely a more appealing proposition.

We parked up in a pay & display just off Station Road and put 2.5 hours on the ticket, which cost £2.50 if I remember rightly.  We then made our way up Kirkgate which leads to the town square.  From here we then headed up School Hill, which is a narrow road lined with small cottages.

Eventually the road stops and becomes a farm track, known as Lambert Lane, and we walked along here until it met with High Hill Lane.  We walked along here for a very short time before it joined Stockdale Lane, again for only a minute at most.  We hoped over the style and entered farm/fell land towards Sugar Loaf Hill.

Visibility was no more than 200 metres.  We could see that there were some smashing looking small tops like Warrendale Knotts, but we decided we’d not ascend any due to the poor visibility.  Instead we headed to Victoria Cave where we knew would be a good shelter for lunch.

We eventually reached Victoria Cave, a large inviting cavern which was discovered by chance around 1837.  We stopped here to have lunch and after finishing food we realised the light was fading quickly so we swiftly made our way back to the main track and headed towards Langcliffe.

After just a few metres the route took us back onto the Pennine Bridleway towards Settle.  It was really slippy in parts and we saw one lady lose her footing and fall quite badly.  Luckily she was ok.  The cloud had lifted around here and we got some nice views of Settle in the distance.

Eventually the Bridleway meets a track near Castlebergh Plantation as it drops into Settle.  And we made it back to the car park with about ten minutes left on our ticket. 

Route info
Distance 5.1 miles
Time 2.5 hrs
Low Point 120m
High Point 400m
Height gain 380m
Terrain Access land and part road
Bogs OK, muddy in places
Dogs High styles, farms with cattle
Cow count 0 (but we did cross cattle farms)
Enjoyment rating (5 = best) ★★★★

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but you should always let someone know where you are going and what time you should be home. If using a GPS device, take a map and compass. Remember that mobiles don’t always have a signal. Click here for more safety information.

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Health stats Approx
Steps taken 8027
*Calories burned – 10 st – 140 lbs 504 cals
*Calories burned – 18 st – 252 lbs 907 cals

*Calories burned uses this calculator and is worked out as though we are walking ‘level’.  If inclines were added it should be higher.



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Settle, Upper Settle, Mitchell Lane, Lambert Lane (Track), Sugar Loaf Hill (passing), Brent Scar, Victoria Cave, Clay Pits Plantation (passing), Pennine Bridleway, Castlebergh Plantation.