The true centre of the UK? (7 Mile Circular – March 19th 2010)

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Difficulty, distance and time

Moderate (full walk not recommended for young kids). About 7 miles  (11.25 km), allow up to 4 hours.

How to get there

Grid Ref: SD628516 | Get directions to start on Multimap | Ordinance Survery Map

Detailed Route Map


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Parking, roads and amenities

There’s some parking but that’s about all there is.  Although in summer you may get an ice cream by the car park at Langden.

Elevation and terrain

The highest point of this walk is 434m (1425ft).  Underfoot is a mixture of farm tracks, road and fields – some of which can get boggy.  Therefore wearing decent footwear and clothing is recommended.  Also be aware that when crossing over Whin Fell towards Brennand Farm there is a sharp drop, so dogs and children should be kept close.

Walk description

After parking up on a bit of land owned by United Utilities, a  little north of Sykes Farm, we headed up the Trough of Bowland road towards Trough Barn.  We then took a right and followed the track which leads up to Whin Fell.

After a steady walk upwards we cut through Whin Fell and a smashing view of Brennand Farm opened up.  It’s one of those ‘you had to be there moments’ but the view really is something special.  Be careful around here though as there is a steep drop down, dogs and kids should be kept close.

We jogged down to Brennand Farm and felt relieved as we’d done the first (and hardest) part of the walk.  Next was a march southwards along the River Dunsop towards Dunsop village.  There was a route was shut along the way for the interest of public safety!  Reading the sign we discovered it was due to nesting Eagle Owls which apparently swoop at you.  We were tempted but carried on.

To save time we cut across the farm at Closes Barn and finished the walk by trekking back up the Trough of Bowland road.  In some ways the last part of the walk seemed the hardest and it was a relief to get back to the car! As we were close to the Inn at Whitewell we stopped for a well deserved drink on the way home.



More Info

Brennand Farm

Eagle Owls attack!

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