Tootle Hall, Brock

As a kid I remember long sunny days playing at Brock Bottom, throwing stones into the side-banks of the River Brock trying to and dislodge the bigger rocks. Or having skimming competitions in the deeper bits sections of the River Brock.

Once I remember getting lost and ending up in a field full of cows and bulls, this might be why I am still scared of them to this day!

Then, we’d look for Tootle Hall, for their famous Chicken in a basket and chips, followed by scones and tea (or coke for me). Sometimes it was it was too busy inside and we’d be lucky enough to sit in the owner’s lounge.

Gone are those days because I think the owners retired (maybe in the early 90’s) and it was handed to the children who traded for a little while as restaurant. But now it is up for sale for a cool half a million. If I had that money, I would buy it without even viewing it.

Rightmove Tootle Hall
Tootle hall

More information on Brock Bottom here.

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