The highest peak in Lancashire?

Gragareth or Green Hill?

Gragareth lies a couple of hundred yards within Lancashire but is actually part of the Yorkshire Dales – its highest point reaches 627m (2057 ft).

Lancashire Gov’s website claims Leck Fell is the highest point of Lancashire but really Leck Fell refers to the slopes of Gragareth.

There are other sources that claim Green Hill is the highest point and this also lies within Lancashire’s boundaries – its peak climbs to 628m (2060 ft). Green Hill is also listed as Lancashire’s County Top.

Another point worth mentioning is before 1974 the highest point was Coniston Old Man in the Lake District, at 803m (2634 ft).  Sadly much of Lancashire disappeared at this time and the hill has belonged to Cumbria since.

The true highest point of Lancashire

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  1. The Grouse
    The Grouse says:

    I don’t understand Lancashire Gov’s claim of Leck Fell being the highest, Green Hill is County Top.

    Green Hill (628m) and Gragareth (627m) both fall within Lancashire. As said above Gragareth is the top of Leck Fell, but even that by my understanding is only number 2, behind Green Hill.

    I make the top 5 in Lancashire being:

    Green Hill 628m
    Gragareth 627m
    Ward’s Stone 560m
    Pendle Hill 557m
    White Hill 544m

    Hope I haven’t missed any out! But no, Leck Fell isn’t the highest as far as I’m concerned.

    Regards, Gareth.

  2. tim
    tim says:

    The more I’ve looked in to it and spoken with Matt from MyPennines, he agrees it is Green Hill. I haven’t walked them yet but hope to do them soon.

    Gragareth still has a comment on its Wiki page, relating to it being the highest: I reckon the page needs changing!

  3. The Grouse
    The Grouse says:

    We’re all in agreement, shame Lancashire County Council can’t get it right, wonder what their reasoning is?

    Good thing is, both can be done in the same walk so you can notch up Lancashire’s number 1 and 2 on the same walk.


    Can’t really see much sign of paths up there on OS maps, I’ll have to put it on the to-do list. I’ll see what the GPS reads at both summits.

  4. tim
    tim says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding to this, not been online really for a couple of weeks, pretty much had a paint brush stuck to my hands!

    I’ve just stumbled on another site saying it’s Gragareth…

    “The highest point in the county is Gragareth at 627 metres high or 2057 feet, making it a mountain. It is near Whernside, one of Yorkshire’s `Three Peaks.

    (updated January 2013)”

    I’m going to email them. (<< Saddo lol)

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