A friend took delivery of his new steadicam recently, which is manufactured by Freefly and called Movi M5.  We took it to Sawley Abbey for a test run and whilst the footage is not overly exciting it does demonstrate how well the stability system works.  We were literally running around at some points and the motion dampens all the shakiness that normally comes with a bouncing a digital camera.  If the lighting conditions were right and some general thought put into it, Sawley Abbey could make a great backdrop for a short clip.

Make sure you switch to 1080p

Sawley Abbey dates back to around 1148 and is maintained by English Heritage.  On the doorstep to the Forest of Bowland it is a great little place to visit, and most importantly it doesn’t cost to get in.  More information about Sawley Abbey can be found on the English Heritage website here.  There is also a wiki page here.