Saddle Fell, Fair Snape and Parlick

Route info Medium
Distance 5.5 miles (approx)
Time 3 hours
Low Point 200m (approx)
High Point 510m (approx)
Height gain 310m (approx)
Terrain Road, good tracks and a moorland
Bogs Some bogs on
Dogs Ok on leads
Cow count 0+
Enjoyment rating (5 = best) ★★★★

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but you should always let someone know where you are going and what time you should be home. If using a GPS device, take a map and compass. Remember that mobiles don’t always have a signal. Click here for more safety information.

*Calculated by Ordnance Survey GPS

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Health stats Approx
Steps taken 13,300
*Calories burned – 10 st – 140 lbs 450 cals
*Calories burned – 18 st – 252 lbs  1,167cals

*Calories burned uses this calculator and is worked out as though we are walking ‘level’.  If inclines were added it should be higher.



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Accurate GPS map

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Route description

Saddle Fell, Fair Snape Fell and Parlick are three hills in the Forest of Bowland that join together to make an excellent circular walk.  It’s less than six miles so can be completed within three hours (depending on fitness) and offers fantastic views of Lancashire and beyond.

The following points match the viewranger map above. You can print it here:

  1. Park on Startifants Lane and head east along the Wolfen Hall track, until reaching a cattle grid.  Hop over the stile to the right of the track and continue along here until you descend into a small picturesque valley.  Cross the footbridge and ascend on the other side of the valley. Continue eastwards for a while.  The track is reasonably obvious and well signposted.
  2. Saddle End Farm sits at the foot of the fell and at the road turn left (north) and walk through the farmyard. After a short distance the path splits, follow the route on the left (north-westerly direction).  Here is where this route changes from an easy ramble to steady climb.
  3. Just keep on going up the track across access land, heading northwards.
  4. Go through the gate and there is a nice track, which leads right the way up to Fair Snape area.
  5. It’s a tricky to describe here but head south-westerly across the peat mounds and after a little while you’ll see Fair Snape trig, Paddy’s Pole and the shelter, which had been rebuilt since my last visit.  Watch your footing around here, there are a few boggy spots!
  6. Weather permitting; enjoy the spectacular views over western Lancashire and beyond.  Follow the track towards the coned shaped Parlick Fell. After just a short distance you meet the dry stone wall, which you can follow all the way to Parlick (although it does change to a normal fence at Parlick).
  7. At Parlick top you should be able to see your car as long as there is no low cloud.  The best way to get down is simply to make a beeline towards the cottage at the bottom.
  8. Simply go through the gate at Fell Foot and head down the road to your car.

On this route

Startifants Lane, Wolfen Hall, Saddle End Farm, Saddle Fell, Fair Snape Fell, Paddy’s Pole (Cairn), Blindhurst Fell, Parlick, Fell Foot.