Rye Loaf Hill

Route info Medium
Distance 13 miles*
Time 5hrs 30 mins
Low Point 150 m (approx)
High Point 547 m (approx)
Height gain 397 m (approx)
Terrain Farms, road, and paths
Bogs Minimal in good weather
Dogs Ok on leads
Cow count 20+
Enjoyment rating (5 = best) ★★★★

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but you should always let someone know where you are going and what time you should be home. If using a GPS device, take a map and compass. Remember that mobiles don’t always have a signal. Click here for more safety information.

*Calculated by Ordnance Survey GPS

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Health stats Approx
Steps taken 25,857
*Calories burned – 10 st – 140 lbs 1,188 cals
*Calories burned – 18 st – 252 lbs 2,138 cals

*Calories burned uses this calculator and is worked out as though we are walking ‘level’.  If inclines were added it should be higher.



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Route description


Today I met up with Matt from www.mypennines.co.uk for a walk up to three Deweys, Rye Loaf Hill, Kirby Fell and Grizedales.  None of the hills have any real footpath but they are all reasonably close to the main route and the detours are well worth the effort because the views were fantastic.  If you are doing this walk, hopefully the weather is good and you will be treated to some excellent scenary in the limestone country.

Start & Finish: Park anywhere you can in Settle and make your way towards the Ye Olde Naked Man café.  From here make your way across the market and then behind the buildings you’ll find the Pennine Bridleway.

  1. The path ascends steadily and after about 300m the route takes a right as you continue to ascend up a grassy track towards Warrendale Knotts.
  2. Continue along the track and pass Attermire Cave (and Attermire Scar) to the left.  You pass through a few dry stone walls and eventually reach Stockdale Lane (also called the Pennine Bridleway here).
  3. Carry on along Stockdale Lane until you pass Stockdale Farm and from here make a beeline for Rye Loaf Hill.  It is quite steep so meander up if you like.
  4. Admire the views from Ryle Loaf Hill trig and descend towards Kirkby Fell.
  5. It is a little tricky to get over the wall so we made our way back towards the Bridleway.  Although before we got to it we found a broken wall and walked straight through it – up to Kirby Fell.
  6. It was pretty clear today and the views from Kirby Fell were very impressive. You can walk to the western edge of the fell and admire Malham Tarn and Malham Cove. And in the distance you can see Pendle Hill and the Bowland Fells to the west.
  7. Make your way back towards the Pennine Bridleway and follow it north until you see Nappa Cross.  Then head back along the Bridleway and after a gate, find a way up to the limestone scar called Grizedales.  This is the third and final dewey hill today (and probably the easiest).
  8. Head north, over the limestone scar and descend towards the Pennine Bridleway.  There is no stile or easy way over the wall but we carefully climbed it over without any problem.
  9. Once on the Gorbeck bridleway you head west back towards Langcliffe. The path is really easy to follow and after a couple of miles you will come to Jubilee Cave on your left side.
  10.  The path meets a road before taking a left back down to Settle.

On this route
Settle, Castle Hill, Banks Lane, Warrendale Knotts, Stockdale Lane, Rye Loaf Hill, Kirkby Fell, Nappa Cross, Grizedales, Gorbeck, Jubilee Cave, Clay Pits Plantation, Banks Lane.