Ribchester Flood

Ribble Way

Ribble Way

It was a bit of a grim day for the Ribble Valley, along with many other parts of Lancashire and the North West. We knew there were floods coming, but nobody knew just how bad it was going to be.  I heard a few reports about Whalley already being under water and that Ribchester was next.  It’s only a mile or so away so I thought I’d go and see if anyone needed a hand and document it in the process.

On arrival it didn’t seem too bad.  We parked near Spar and headed down to the River Ribble.  All the houses along Church Street fine but when we got down to the Ribble Way near the museum the extend of the river swelling was unbelievable.  A normally 50m wide river was now probably about a mile in places.  The only good thing was that here at least it hadn’t breached its banks.

A little further down there is a B&B and a small group of houses, with a farm at the end.  We went to the farm and here you could see that it wasn’t going to be long until the river breached.  We tried to help him with moving some bricks but it was pretty hopeless.  Interestingly the farmer didn’t seem too bothered, and said it wasn’t as bad as the flood about 40 years ago.

I felt guilty about leaving him, but the only thing that he needed was sandbags, and there weren’t any.  Probably one of the main criticisms that people in Ribchester (and other parts of Lancashire) have.