Review of Highlander Blue Softfibre Travel Bath Towel


Highlander Blue Softfibre Travel Bath Towel

My husband recently purchased a Highlander Micro Towel for his hiking / camping kit but I decided to test it after my shower.  I wouldn’t want him to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing decent to dry himself with!

The towel comes in a pouch – which is ideal for travelling, camping or perhaps taking to the gym.  After unpacking it I thought it seemed more like a blanket because it was so soft.  So initially I doubted its absorbency because of its softness but in actual fact it was very absorbent – just as advertised.  I was dry in no time.

It was also a great size and could be wrapped around me, covering me fully.  I am quite small at only 5ft 4” but I reckon it would also be a great size for my husband who is 6ft 5”.

I then washed it on a 30 degree cycle with another towel to test how quickly it dried.  Given that it is winter, I had to dry the towels indoors.  It washed well and after only an hour or so it was drying quicker than a normal bath towel.  Within a few hours it was dry.

Overall I really liked the towel, it was lovely and soft, nice and big, very absorbent and I really liked the colour as I am a fan of petrol blue.

I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, we bought it from Travel Outdoors which appears to have it priced as well as any other online retailer.

Score: ★★★★
Price at time of review: £19.99
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Reviewed by Nicola Adams