Oliver Cromwell and Longridge Fell

Longridge FellThank you to Maurice Ffelan for providing me with this brilliant piece of history about Oliver Cromwell on Longridge Fell.

Cromwell is also supposed to have commented favourably on the view from the fell. I doubt whether there is any truth in either tale, especially as Longridge already had the name before his time. However, it is true that he marched along Longridge Fell after spending the night at Stonyhurst (allegedly having slept on a big table in the middle of the room so that the papist Shireburns could not easily sneak up on him – another folk tale?)

He ran into some Royalist scouts somewhere near Lower Lane (commemorated by ‘Cromwell Fields’) engaging the main force in the Ribbleton/Fulwood area (Cromwell Road) where what was left of the Scots Royalists fled back home. He chased the remaining English Royalists to Walton le Dale where he beat them, with those who got away fleeing to the Wigan/Warrington area where he finished them off. Thereafter he had the upper hand and went on to win the war.

Longridge therefore saw the beginning of the end of the Civil Wars even if most of the stories about Cromwell in the area are probably just stories.

Maurice Ffelan