Moughton and Norber / Crucmmack Dale (Yorkshire Dales) – July 2013

Today we had a walk out with Matt from My Pennines. We’ve been close to this area a few times now, but if it wasn’t for Matt we wouldn’t have known about this particular valley.

The walk was in a horseshoe shape and basically circumvents the valley of Crummack Dale. Setting off from Austwick we made our way to Wharfe (where there is a small but decent camp site) and we headed up to Moughton, where there is a Trig Point at 427m. From here we walked along the head of the valley, which is spectacular limestone pavement called Moughton Scar. The next stop was at Norber which I think is 408m, and from here we dropped down through the boulder field known as ‘erratics’. These boulders a massive and have been left here by the glacier which ripped through the valley. The limestone around these rocks has eroded, leaving them sitting there like trophies.

If I am being honest I think this could be my favourite walk of the year. The valley is spectacular, the limestone pavements are stunning, and the erratics are incredible!

The route is about 9 miles, and it took as a good five hours, but we do spend quite a bit of time messing about with cameras, so I guess that at a good pace you could do it in 3.5 to 4hrs. But why would you come to a place like this and march along with your head down!

Walk Details

Grade Medium
Distance 9 miles
Time 5 hrs
Low Point About ??? metres
High Point ??? metres
Terrain Good tracks, some loose rocks and a wee bit of scrambling
Bogs None.
Dogs Ok for dogs

Photos & Video

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Jack’s gallery

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Crummack Dale / Norber - pan 2

Norber - pan 3

Norber / Crummack Dale Pan
Matt’s Video


Rough route

Actual route From GPS

Google Earth




Along this route

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