Malham Cove

Route info
Distance 5.7 miles (Ordnance Survey map)
Time 2.5hrs
Low Point 200m (approx)
High Point 400m (approx)
Height gain 200m (approx)
Terrain Road, fells, rocks
Bogs Muddy and boggy in a couple of places
Dogs Good dog walk
Cow count 0
Enjoyment rating (5 = best) ★★★★

The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but you should always let someone know where you are going and what time you should be home. If using a GPS device, take a map and compass. Remember that mobiles don’t always have a signal. Click here for more safety information.

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Health stats Approx
Steps taken 10,398
*Calories burned – 10 st – 140 lbs  588 cals
*Calories burned – 18 st – 252 lbs  1058 cals

*Calories burned uses this calculator and is worked out as though we are walking ‘level’.  If inclines were added it should be higher.



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Accurate GPS map

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Route description

Malham-Cove-Walk (19)Rain was forecast across the north west and it looked particularly bad from 2pm. But one of the  areas that looked like it ‘might’ avoid rain up till 2pm was Settle, so I made a quick decision to show my uncle and Jack a walk around Malham and up to Malham Cove.

Arriving after 11am left us with about 3hrs so I decided we’d take a similar route to one I did a few years ago.  We walked up a fairly steep road called Malham Raikes and went over a stile onto Shorkley Hill, which then becomes Sheriff Hill.  We then followed the path called Trougate to where there are some small tarns and soggy ground.

We then made our way onto the Pennine Way and came back down Ing Scar towards the limestone pavement above Malham Cove.  This particular section of the walk is pretty spectacular really.

The limestone pavement was famously used in one of the Harry Potter films.  I am not personally a fan of the films but everyone seems to want to know about it, so I am just doing my public service bit and letting people know.

After the limestone we took the steps down to Malham Cove and watched some of the rock climbers whilst persuading the dog to jump into Malham Beck and have a wash.  From hereon it’s just a short way back to Malham, about 10 mins.

This is a great walk and clearly very popular as there were lots of people out.

On this route

Malham, Malham Raikes, Shorkley Hill, Sheriff Hill, Trougate, Pennine Way, Ing Scar, Limestone Pavement, Malham Cove, Cove Road.