Longridge-ReservoirsI’ve not been able to do much walking this summer so it was good to get out on a smashing late summer afternoon, with temperatures above 20c.  It felt more like early August than September!

I think there are five Longridge reservoirs in total and we went by three of them today, Dilworth Upper Reservoir and Spade Mill Reservoirs 1 & 2.  The remaining Longridge reservoirs that I will explore another time are the two Alston Reservoirs.

The route is circular and less than three miles so can be done in about an hour.  Unfortunately the reservoirs are a bit hard to see because they are built up above the roads, but there are sections where you are elevated and get a decent view.  I only had my phone camera with me so there is not the usual plethora of photos that accompanies this walk!

Distance 2.5 miles
Time 1 hrs
Low Point About 100m
High Point About 200m
Terrain Mostly good farm tracks and road
Bogs Hardly any
Dogs A good dog walk
Estimated Calories burned 350 cals

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On this route
Dilworth Upper Reservoir, Written Stone Lane, Written Stone Farm, Knowle Green Road, Spade Mill Reservoir, Tan Yard Lane, Higher Road