Littledale Walk (27)I was driving through Littledale on 26th September and the weather was so nice for this time of year that I just couldn’t resist putting on my boots.  Luckily I also had a map with me and knew I had a couple of hours, so I quickly planned a route that was about 4 miles.

I haven’t explored this part of Bowland as much as some other areas, so this was an ideal opportunity to get to know some of the tracks that are north of Clougha Access Area.

I have to say that I enjoyed this walk thoroughly, partly due to the weather (and great visibility) but also because the area is, in part, simply stunning.

I made a couple of minor errors on the route, but knowing my general position made it easy enough for me to be confident that I was heading in the right direction.  The hardest part of this walk was finding a way across the beck near Littledale Hall.  Just remember to keep walking and you’ll get to a bridge.

The car park at Little Crag is an ideal place to start exploring.

Grade Easy
Distance 4.15 miles
Time 2 hrs
Low Point About 120 metres
High Point About 210 metres
Terrain Farms, tracks and road
Bogs A little, but not too bad
Dogs No dog with me but think it’s ok for dogs (on leads)
Estimated Calories burned 600 calories


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Along this route
Littledale Road, Little Cragg, Skelbow Barn, Wisp Wood, Bellhill Farm, Field Head, Littledale Hall, Udale Bridge, Pott Yeats, Baines Cragg