I’ve done the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail a few times now but never has the weather been so good.  It was great to see lots of families out enjoying themselves, but as usual the weather brought out those types who don’t care about their environment and dropped their rubbish all over the place.  In one spot there was three used BBQ’s and a load of  filled carrier bags.  I can’t understand why they went to the trouble of putting their rubbish in bags if they just left the bags.  Why not just throw their junk in the river as they go along?

I had to wait for a friend and the entrance and there were a fair few people moaning about the price as they went in.  I don’t mind chipping in but I hope (for their sake) that the National Trust don’t price themselves out of the market.  More information about pricing etc here.

Anyway, it was still a great day, the temperature was about 26c, which was hot enough for our Dan to go for a swim in the  River Twiss at Thornton Force.  Ingleton Waterfalls Trail is a perfect walk for those who are perhaps building their fitness to the tackle hills and mountains.

Distance 4.5 miles
Time 2.5 hrs
Low Point About 100m
High Point About 300m (2 x Blackpool towers)
Terrain Mostly good tracks, care needed with young kids
Bogs Hardly any
Dogs A good dog walk
Estimated Calories burned 1000 cals

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