Ingleton Waterfalls Trail – March 2013


Today started as one of my ‘get it terribly wrong’ days. The weather didn’t look good and my lad wasn’t properly equipped for poor conditions but we gave Ingleborough a try. After about 1km up from Newby Cote we realised it was a crazy idea, so we turned around and went back to the car, had our lunch, and then opted for the much more sensible Ingleton Waterfall Trail.

Ingleton Falls is a great family walk, perfect for dogs and lots to keep young ones entertained. There is a fee on entry.

Walk Details

Grade Easy but could be tough for a beginner
Distance 4 miles
Time 2.5 hrs
Low Point 112 metres
High Point 290 metres
Terrain Roads, tracks and fells
Bogs None
Dogs Great for dogs



Download KML File.
**This file was taken from my GPS device (iPhone 4) as a GPX file. It was then uploaded to Google Earth, and exported as a KML file. It was then re-uploaded to Google Maps.**


Ingleton Waterfalls Trail website.
Waterfalls Trail Wikipedia
Ingleborough Wikipedia

On this walk

Ingleton, River Twiss, Swilla Glenn, Pecca Glen, Pecca Falls, Pecca Twin falls, Hollybush Spout, Thornton Force, Raven Ray, Twistleton Farm, Beezly Falls, Rival Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge, Snow Falls.


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Highest Point of Lancashire?

Gragareth (1)Very close to this walk is Gragareth. According to Wikipedia at 627m it is debated to be the highest point of Lancashire (along with Green Hill at 628m, which is just over a mile away and on the border with Cumbria).

I have visited the other side of Gragareth before (Leck Fell) but last time I walked Ingleton Falls I hadn’t noticed it was so close.
Gragareth (2)
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