Ingleborough (Yorkshire Dales) – 10 mile circular

Approaching Ingleborogh

Approaching Ingleborogh

Today we set off with the intention of walking White Hill in Bowland, but with the weather and views being so good we decided to walk Ingleborough, after abandoning an earlier attempt in March.

Being the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales at 723m, Ingleborough is a fair challenge on its own, but it also the last mountain on the three peaks challenge (or the first if you do it in reverse). Having walked the other two mountains recently it seemed there were less visitors today at Ingleborough than the other two.

Matt from MyPennines recommended we start from Clapham so we based most of our route from his route which can be found here.

Starting off in the nice little village of Clapham we made our way to the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, along Clapdale Drive. (If you are doing this route remember to have 65p per person for the honesty box).

After a little while the route takes you passed Ingleborough Cave and then on to Trow Gill, which was a pretty spectacular gorge that looked like it once had water running through it. Next we passed Gaping Gill, one of the deepest pot holes in the country. It had all been easy up till now but next we were to ascend Little Ingleborough which is quite steep and seems to go on for a while. But once you get to the top it is well worth it, the views are excellent.

From Little Ingleborough there is a final section up to the top which looks pretty tough, but was actually quite easy. The top is a huge plateau, about 300m across. It’s easy to see how people become disoriented in poor visibility.

We headed back to Clapham via Ingleborough Common, visiting the cairns on Grey Scars. Once back at Clapham we had a spectacular steak pie and peas at a bar/cafe place, I’ve forgotten the name of the place unfortunately.

Walk Details

Grade Moderate
Distance 10 miles
Time 5 hrs
Low Point Around 150 metres
High Point 723 metres
Terrain Mainly good tracks. Some ‘off roading’ on the way down
Bogs None
Dogs No dog with us today but plenty of dogs about



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Mypennines route description
Trow Gill
Gaping Gill

Along this route

Clapham, Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail, The Lake, Clapdale Drive, Clapdale Wood, Ingleborough Cave, Trow Gill, Gaping Gill, Little Ingleborough, Ingleborough, Ingleborough Common, Hard Pott, High Trough, Grey Scars, Newby Cote.
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