Galloway Forest Camping Weekend

I was invited to go up to Scotland on the edge of the Galloway Forest National Park for three nights of camping and fishing. I’ve dabbled with camping, but not a lot, and it has always ended up in me getting drunk and then wet.  This time I was determined no to let that happen.  Fast forward to the end of the weekend and I was hungover and soaking wet!

I have never crossed the border into Scotland so this was something I could tick off.  Although, it is quite un-exciting.  In fact, the first 30 miles down the A75 are a bit boring.  However, when Dumfries is behind you the views of the mountains are quite exciting.

Just before the little town of New Galloway we turned down the A713 and parked somewhere along here, on the Water of Ken.

My tent, as ever, was easy to put up.  Take it out of the bag and throw it.  Brilliant.  I was able to get my home together and watch everyone else struggle with the theirs.

New Galloway Tent

Next, it was a couple of beers and some tea.  The fire was already roaring away and some we were eating meat off a machete that was heating on the fire.  Brilliant.

Our chief fisherman Joe did well and caught three pike on the first day.

Azza got one, and then I caught my first fish in nearly 30 years. Well worth buying a rod for and something I will carry on with!