Fair Snape Fell (moderate 6 1/4 mile circular – May 2010)

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Fair Snape Fell

Difficulty, distance and time

A moderate walk which was roughly 6 1/4 miles long.  It took me 3 1/2 hours.  Decent footwear recomended.

Parking and amenities

To be honest there’s not much in the way of parking and there’s not much of anything else either, so park as near as you can to my starting location and pick up the route when you can.  Toilet stops before you get there and bring water.

How to get there

Get directions to car park in Multimap | Ordinance Survey Map – SD574443 | 53.893151,-2.64966

Elevation and terrain

The highest point of this walk is 520 m (1,706 ft) and according to Wikipedia the prominence is 225 m, so there is a decent climb to the top.  The route has a mixture of roads, farm tracks, moors and there was a small part which involved decending down the fell off-track.

Detailed route map

Google Earth

Download full 3D map here.


More info

Bleasdale Circle | Fair Snape Fell


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On this route

Higher Brock Mill, Lower Fair Snape, Higher Fair Snape,  Fair Sape Fell, Holme House, Vicarage farm, Bleasdale School.

Reaching 520 m (1,706 ft) Fair Snape Fell is a decent sized hill, which is classed as a Marylin.

Other than a couple of farmers I didn’t see anyone until I got to the very top when a chap came jogging along from Parlick Fell.  He said that he lived in Australia for a while and his son sent him a photo of the Bowland Fells, he looked out his window at the Adelaide hills and thought “I’m going home!”  He was back in Lancashire and up Fair Snape Fell shortly afterwards.  I had also forgotten my map so he very kindly gave me directions for a decent route back to down the fell.

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