Very easy River Brock walk

I’ve not been able to do any walking recently due to a recent diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.  However, my plan is not to be grounded for too long and to do some short walks until I get fit again.  Today I walked along the River Brock and did an about-turn after around about 3/4 mile.

I have never seen the River Brock so swollen, it shows how much water there is about.  The River Brock starts up on Fair Snape a couple of miles to the north and usually hasn’t got much pace by the time it gets to Brock Valley Nature Trail, yet today the river would be mostly un-crossable.   Brock eventually joins the the River Wyre at St. Michael’s on Wyre.

I hope to get a few of these short – easy walks in during spring so that by summer I can be ready to hit the hills.

Distance 1.2 miles
Time 1 hr
Low Point About 80 metres
High Point 100 metres
Terrain Trail route
Bogs A bit muddy in places
Dogs Brilliant dog walk
Estimated Calories burned 200 cal

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