Whilst this is not necessarily a Dutton Doghouse review per se, it is more of a personal experience with the company (moreover its director Jane Myers).

For the avoidance of any doubt and before I go on, I accidentally walked across one of Dutton Doghouse’s fields.  At the time there were NO signs up saying it was private land and here is the route I took;


I saw the dotted black line and thought it would be ok to nip across.  This would later prove to be a big mistake.

The only reason this particular error came about was because I had to chase and chase her, and eventually had to guess what the problem was.

But it turns out that when I was contacted initially by Jane Myers, Director? of Dutton Dog House about a ‘dangerous route’, it was actually concerning a DIFFERENT route, one that today I still don’t know which it is.

Here are the emails…

20th March 2016


Would it be possible for someone to phone me please (Mobile removed) or email a contact number and I will call you regarding  one of the routes that has been misrepresented on your website and is dangerous.

Many thanks

Jayne Myers
(Mobile removed)

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My immediate response was;

20th March 2016

Hi Jayne
Which one? Give me a link and I’ll take a look.

I then received the reply;

Would really appreciate a word and to explain if you don’t mind

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Now, as I write this on 30th March 2016, I have just lost my father.  So this email came  at a bad time, but I wasn’t after buckets of sympathy, I just wasn’t up to speaking with Jane Myers of Dutton Doghouse.  So here is my reply;

20th March 2016

Hi Jayne

I started my blog simply so I’d remember where I’ve been, not really for anybody else. But if you want to try one of the routes I am fine with that, but obvs care should always be taken.

I have a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, such as a close family member almost about to pass away, so please forgive me, but I am not in a mindset to be calling people about my routes 🙂

I received no reply, so I emailed again on 24th March 2016;

Hello Jane,

Do you want to send me a link to the route you mentioned?  Obviously I would like to remove it if there is a part that you found dangerous.

No reply again, so I emailed on 26th March 2016;

Hello again Jayne,

I am naturally concerned after what you have said.  Obviously I don’t want anybody to hurt themselves on a walk I’ve posted.  Whilst I hold no responsibility and people should always use their own map, I am fond of my fellow humans so want to get the site correct.
Unfortunately you contacted me as my father was dying so it wasn’t a great time.  He passed away peacefully yesterday so I am now keeping myself busy and whilst I am still not really up to communicating verbally I am happy to communicate by email to get the route correct.
I’ve done a little research and see you own the dog home, so I am guessing it will involve this walk: http://www.bowlandwalks.co.uk/index.php/longridge-fell-circular/
Off memory there was a small stile before your house and we went over this – trying to avoid coming near the house.  I am guessing this will be the bit that needs amending;

If it is across private land I will sort it immediately for you!

Sorry again for the lack of comms etc, just bad timing!

Kind Regards

After not hearing from Jane Myers of Dutton Dog House for a few days I had pretty much forgotten about it.  But then, this morning, I received the following email;

Hi Tim,
Firstly may I offer my condolence, I am very sorry to hear about your father.
You research is correct and I am at Dutton Doghouse and though the walk that you have provided the link to is not one to which I previously referred I would very much appreciate you removing that walk as it does not follow public footpaths. There is no path across my property and no right of access, I am unsure why you suggest people follow this route. It is at best careless and at worst irresponsible to encourage people to trespass, albeit erroneously.
I note your comment about not being responsible however you do actually have a duty of care to all those using your site and, having brought to your attention the incorrect route in the link, you would most definitely be liable should any accident or damage occur.
Should you have any queries regarding the location of any paths please feel free to contact me and I will happily assist.
I look forward to speaking to you as and when you feel able and to seeing the route referred to removed promptly before any damage does occur. Would you please confirm by email removal of this route,
I look forward to speaking to you regarding the walks I originally contacted you about when you feel able.
Many thanks
Jayne Myers
Needless to say, I told her to stick her condolences up her arse.

I am not removing the walk as it is simply a diary of where I have been.  Jane Myers of Dutton Dog House thinks she can dish out legal advice, threatening me with trespass and saying I will be responsible for ANYONE? who injures themselves or causes damage on her land.

She needs to look up the legal definition of ‘trespass’.  Anyway, best not to go anywhere near her land or you might get bitten hah