Cross of Greets Bridge & Bowland Knotts – July 2013

Bowland KnottsToday’s walk was a bit troublesome but I enjoyed it just enough to want to go back and do some further exploring.

Why was it troublesome? Well, firstly there were the flies. Not your normal fly that comes in your lounge and bothers you when you’re watching TV, these flies want to eat you. If I stopped for more than just three seconds I was literally surrounded by them. And even when I was walking they were still landing on me and chomping away. I love summer walking, but for me this is the worst part of it.

Also, leading up to Bowland Knotts was quite difficult to navigate because the tracks were barely visible. However, I managed to find the right way (more good luck than judgement) and the Trig Point came into view – about a mile away.

Unfortunately from here the main path was flooded and I had to divert across the main fell. This became a bit problematic as well because a few streams start from here. But eventually I made my way up to the Trig Point, it just meant I was well behind schedule.

My next wrong move was I decided to again cut across the fell. What I forgot was that in Bowland, this always ends up taking longer because of the diversions you end up having to take… I crossed the same meandering stream about 20 times.

One of those walks that seemed horrible at the time but looking back, I am happy I did it and will return for more exploring soon.

Walk Details

Grade Medium/Tough
Distance 5.3 miles
Time 4 hrs
Low Point About 200 metres
High Point 430 metres
Terrain Roads, fields, moorland
Bogs Bad in certain sections
Dogs No dog with me, should be ok with a tweak to the route


Bowland Knotts


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Bowland Knotts


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Along this route

Cross of Greet Bridge, Kenibus, Lock Bridge, River Hodder, Parks Clough, Cat Knot Well (Spring), Old Moss, Bowland Knotts, Hasgill Fell, Kearsden Holes, Catlow Plantation.
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