Cinema in today’s Broken Britain.

We went to watch The Crazies tonight at the Vue in Cleveleys. We stopped going to the Odeon in Blackpool centre as every bloody time we go some noisey little shitheads ruin it for us, and indeed everyone – treating the place like a youth club.

Tonight, in a nice little cinema, in a nice little area – it was no different. In the row behind us there were two guys yabbing and behind them there was a row of about eight teens doing the same. Nic told me I wasn’t to say anything because apparently I would get bleach thrown in my eyes. The guys behind us eventually shut up ’cause I just turned around and stared at them, but the others yabbed for about 80% of the time.

I just don’t get it, why pay your hard earned cash if you’re not going to watch the film? What’s is the effing point?

Nic also says I’m a miserable sod. Hah.

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