Bowland wild camp

Bowland wild camp

IMG_0207Last week we practised a Bowland Wild Camp on Longridge Fell.  I say ‘Bowland wild camp’ but we cheated really, pitching up about 10m from the parking spot. We are  easing ourselves into it – rather than trekking up a hill to find out we couldn’t put the tent up! Last night we ventured further from the car, but not by too much, walking along Bowland Knotts a little.

I do like the idea of Bowland wild camping in various locations, but I must stress that I am extremely mindful of leaving the place exactly as I found it, other than maybe some flattened grass – which will obviously spring back after a day or two.  I made each of us perform a full site survey when we left our Bowland wild camp site at Bowland Knotts.

The weather was glorious when leaving Preston at about 3pm.  It clouded over a little by the time we got up to Bowland Knotts at 4pm but what I hadn’t realised was how much the wind had picked up.  Setting my tent up was a bit like flying a kite.  After wrestling with their tent for an hour Jack and his friend Callum gave it up as a bad job.  They actually slept outside with just their sleeping bags, but the wind had dropped so it wasn’t too bad.  I had told them to come into the tent later on if they got cold.

I grilled some lamb tikka, sausages and burgers and had a couple of beers.  We then watched the sun go down and took a few photos. When night set in we got my laptop out and watched 4 episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

Next I knew the sun was coming up over Whelpstone Crag.  Unfortunately the midges had decided it was their breakfast time so we swiftly packed up and cleared off.

If you fancy a Bowland wild camp this is a good area to explore.  With a bit more practicing I am hoping to incorporate a Bowland wild camp into a couple of walks, can’t wait!