Boundless Comms – a bullet well dodged

boundless-comms-facebook-feThis isn’t really a Boundless Communications review – more of a Boundless Comms experience which made me very glad I didn’t do business with them.

Living in rural Lancashire is wonderful, unless  of course you want to go on the internet and stream movies or play games.  For the last couple of months I have been searching for an alternative solution to fibre because it seems our area is not a priority at the moment.  This led to me having a very bizarre experience with David Burns, the CEO of Boundless Communications of Chorley today.

Whilst doing my due diligence about the company I noticed they’d previously had some bad reviews and feedback on Facebook, so I didn’t fancy getting into a 24 month contract with them.

The one I saw was here:

I checked Linkedin and found that a chap called Andrew Redmond has an involvement at Boundless Communications – so contacted him through the site about the possibility of swapping a bit of advertising through my site for say a cheaper deal or less than a 24 month contract.  Nice chap, he gave me his personal email and I put a proposal to him.

Fast forward a week and I’d not heard anything so I emailed Andrew again today.  And again I got a polite reply telling me the CEO David Burns should have contacted me – and he gave me David Burns email address  Fair enough I thought, and dropped David an email with my mobile on it.

Moments later I got a call from an unrecognised number and I rightly assumed it was David Burns CEO of Boundless Communications.  This is where it took an odd twist.  He started the conversation off by saying “You seem to be keen on disturbing my investors whilst they are on their holidays!”  Words don’t really portray how rude and arrogant this was!

I actually apologised because the comment had completely taken me by surprise.  But the more I thought about it I realised how rude it was.  The investor Andrew Redmond had been emailed twice in about a week and he’d given me his email address to communicate.  Plus to the normal man, Andrew Redmond’s profile on Linkedin just says he works at Boundless Communications.  This is hardly harassment.

Mr Burns then went on to patronise me about ‘not giving away their services for free!’  Hardly giving it aware for free I thought and I pointed out that an advert might help detract the odd person for seeing the bad reviews that I had seen previously.

David Burns CEO of Boundless Communications then went on to tell me that a couple of hundred quid to do some graphics would not make it worthwhile.  However, after credit checking them I can see that Boundless Comms last annual accounts show me that they probably haven’t got a couple of hundred quid spare.

Year to date 31/10/2014
Turnover £904,852
Pre Tax Profit £33,316
Shareholder funds -£391,631

I’m not an accountant but even for a layman you can see at that rate, if they carry on making a profit of £33k each year, in about 13 years the ‘Shareholder fund’ (or net worth) will be at £0.00.  And the trouble is, in 10 years, BT will have rolled out fibre to most of the community anyway – so the market is shrinking!  Hardly a great investment for Andrew Redmond and his co-investors?

Before money was around people used to swap services, some people and companies still do, and I too have always been a great believer in scratching backs.  A simple polite ‘no thanks’ would have been absolutely fine but being accused of harassing people on their holidays is frankly ridiculous.

Oh well, I guess that sometimes in life you meet some odd characters.  Boundless Communications / Boundless Comms is definitely a bullet well dodged.

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Posted by Joshua Cook on Thursday, 23 July 2015