An easy walk around Dunsop Bridge (Aug 11)

I started off today with the intention of trying to walk up Mellor Knoll but was advised not to with the dog. So instead I thought I’d see if I could find a nice walk suitable for the family.

I ran into a spot of bother when I lost the dog’s lead along the River Hodder and she went running off when she caught sight of a swing bridge (before I did).  When I eventually caught the dog I had to carry her through more boggy fields and take numerous diversions. But all was looking good when I got to the road and found some old rope for a make-shift lead.

When I got back to the car I was happy that I’d explored a new part of Bowland and taken some nice photos. However, I discovered that I’d parked the car near a wasp’s-nest and in panicking to get everything into the car I locked the keys in the boot… Again! It was only a few weeks ago that I did this at Brock Bottoms.

No phone signal, no money and a wet – dirty dog. Luckily the very kind family who own Puddleducks Cafe in Dunsop Bridge let me make a few calls and kept the coffee flowing. It was also one of the nicest days of August so where better to sit and watch the world go by? (For three hours!)

Another day to look back on in a few weeks and laugh about.

Walk Details

Grade Easy
Distance 3.32 miles (5.34 kilometres)
Time 1.5 hours
Low Point 365 ft (111 metres)
High Point 444 ft (135 metres)
Terrain Farms, fields and roads
Other Very muddy in places



Printable Ordinance Survey Map

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