Beacon Fell and River Brock walk (14)Today we met up with Matt from My Pennines because he wanted to complete one of his last hills in Bowland, Beacon Fell.  It’s an easy one for Matt, but this meant he had ‘bagged’ all of the tops in his list of Bowland Fells (although I think there might still be one or two he has missed off). River Brock and Beacon Fell are a perfect pair to make a more challenging route than just doing them separately.

For this time of year it was warm, but as usual there was a fair bit of cloud, however for much of the walk we were following the River Brock, so visibility wasn’t a major concern.

The route was Matt’s pick, which was great, because you have a tendency to stick to places you know, but Matt chose a part of Brock I have not seen before.  Crazy when you think having been somewhere 100’s of times you could miss an entire part of the River, which as just as nice (if not nicer) than the Brock Mill ruins side.

There are parts of this route which are muddy, so make sure the kids have wellies and you have decent boots.  In prolonged dry periods during summer there is probably no need for boots and the area is great for picnics and paddling.

Grade Medium
Distance 7.5 miles
Time 5 hrs
Low Point About 75 metres
High Point 266 metres
Terrain Farms, tracks and road
Bogs Some bogs and muddy farms
Dogs No dog with me but think it’s ok for dogs (on leads)
Estimated Calories burned 1000 calories

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Along this route
Beacon Fell, Salisbury House, Lower Stanalee, Cloggers Farm, Brock Bottom, Higher Brock Bridge, Snape Rake Lane, Boggy Wood.