A few miles around Beacon Fell – 04/02/2012

Despite me still having a crocked back we took the dog for a little walk around Beacon Fell. And I managed to fall over on the ice – making the back even worse. However, a stop-off on the way home for a swim and jacuzzi helped fix me up!

There’s no point posting up a full route as it was only a few miles (about 3) and Beacon Fell has so many paths that it’s easy to enjoy without a map. There’s just some pics to help remember a nice day out.

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  1. 19times
    19times says:

    who the hell is this man!!! He obviously really likes people feeling sorry for him… IF he had a proper bad back, he wouldnt be out walking… Locking his keys in the car! get a descent motor.

  2. tim
    tim says:

    Reply to feedback from

    Russell, sorry if my blog offends you, it is really aimed at my family and friends but I do understand that ultimately it will reach more people.

    To answer your points, firstly the back, I have an L5 prolapsed disc and degenerative disc disorder, some of which might have been caused by a Pituitary tumour I had, which has now been removed. The tumour caused excessive growth for about 18 years and as a result my back is basically screwed, however despite having a couple of difficult years I am slowly-but-surely beating the pain and getting back to the countryside. The days of bed rest for a bad back are long gone! I am not after sympathy but perhaps just explaining why my walks have been less adventurous over the last 18 months.

    As for the car, well, it is a 2011 Saab 95 which is generally very nice, but a slight design flaw is that if you shut the boot with the key fob in it, the boot locks and you are basically screwed. I, my family and my friends found this funny so I posted it on my blog, kind of like a diary so that one day far in the future we can have a laugh about what happened.

    I see you deal in Campervans, here is a link to your site to help with your SEO I’m not a bad guy if you know me, I have learned to be able to laugh at myself which is very important!

    Again, I am sorry if my blogging offends you.

  3. daywalker
    daywalker says:

    Who is 19 times??? does that stand for how many times you mum had sex with Ruhollah Khomeini before you was conceived ?? sorry everyone about that opening line !!
    Its just annoying to see someone who obviously loves walking in bowland and wants to share his passion with others to be belittled and assassinated for spreading a little love and fun into this world.
    This site is great and I enjoy the blog its refreshing that its not a corporate machine of a website… just a good guy.

    19 times just stop reading his blog and and keep reading attitude magazine.

    Thanks bowland and keep on blogging and maybe see you at the top one day 🙂

    daywalker france.

  4. carlyfarlz30
    carlyfarlz30 says:

    I don’t wish to start a slanging match on this blog, as firstly I am not that disrespectful and secondly Its completely pointless! However, why did you even bother reading this 19times if you had completely no interest in it? I know Tim well, he has had health issues for a while but loves the outdoors, and wont succumb to the pain and depressive nature back problems bring. So he goes walking, with his family and enjoys it, there are other people who also enjoy it so he shares his findings on here for them and receives likewise back. I am shocked to see such a rude and idiotic response, how did you even find yourself on this page? Were you forced to read it, or could you not find the Back button on your browser?! In future, if you don’t agree with something, voice it in such a way so you do not OFFEND, and Tim, in all honesty, do not apologise for sharing something you love you have absolutely no need to! Keep walking, and please keep locking your keys in the car, it things like that that make us all love you!

  5. clarebear
    clarebear says:

    @19 times…I’m finding it very difficult to voice my thoughts in the kind of language that is appropriate but here goes…Tim DOES have a bad back and certainly doesn’t blog to gain sympathy. This site and the blog is his way of sharing his love of the amazing countryside we have on our doorstep. I assume you have never suffered from back pain? If you had you would know that gentle walking is better than any painkiller. And what exactly is a descent car? Descent (Oxford English dictionary) is a noun (relation) the state or fact of being related to a particular person or group of people who lived in the past. Did you mean decent?

    Tim – driving out to deliver your spare car key at Brock Bottom on a gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon instead of doing housework is a proper treat so don’t listen to people who don’t even know you!

  6. shiebe
    shiebe says:

    Hi Tim. I love reading about your walks and even the things that go wrong. We all do this kind of after all and it adds to the description knowing what kind of day you`ve had. The person (19times) is so rude. Keep up the good work. I also have a dog and its good to read about your walks with your dog because it gives me ideas of places to take him. Thanks Tim.

  7. tim
    tim says:

    Hi Shiebe

    Thanks for your kind words, especially the feedback about the dog because I’ve just added a bit the walk details for dogs. I was always trying to go places where it wasn’t really suitable – and if I can help others that’s great.

    And yeah 19times has some issues I think. It’s nice that the generally opinion is that he was being a bit of a plonk.

    Thanks again, Tim .

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