Grizedale Bridge to Harrisend Fell Circular

Starting point and Grid Reference


Lat: 53:56:07N (53.9354)

Lon: 2:42:27W (-2.70753)


Distance and Time

Approximately 4 miles.  It should take about 2 hours.

Parking, roads and amenities

There is ample parking at Grizedale Bride, which is about a mile north of Oakenclough on Delph Lane.  There are no toilets.


There’s a fair bit of shrubbery around and I got bit with having shorts on.  Harrisend Fell is about 300m above sea level so not recommended with a hangover, but okay normally.  Not recommended in wet weather.

The Route


Starting on the small car park at Grizedale Bridge we walked to the West towards Fell End Farm.  After passing through the farm we headed North East, going back towards the road.  It was here that we agreed that shorts were a bad idea, even though it was bloody warm.  The ground was in full growth and our legs were getting bit by all the insects in the grass.

We carried on over the road (Delph Lane) and up the path around Harrisend Fell.   Eventually we got to Foxhouses Brook and ascended Harrisend, heading South now towards the car.  Although this fell isn’t too high it seemed really hard work, I think it must have been all the overgrown grass.

We got to the top, which is just 283 metres and dropped back down to Grizedale Brook.  By this time the car was five minutes away and we were shortly off.

I got sucked into ditch and got covered in bog, I broke my walking pole and also my smashed my sunglasses.  Still, not a bad walk in the end.


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